Milan J Stevulak Artist " interpretations of images to connect with"

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I was born in the small mining town of Hillcrest Alberta. From a young age I was interested in drawing the scenic surroundings of the Crows Nest Pass area. My painting did not begin until my early twenties but only for a short time as family and career focused my attention on raising a family. I returned to painting in the 90’s and now having retired I am pursuing the creation of my art.  The painting in the photo above was painted by me when I was in my early twenties


Although primarily self taught, I have  in recent years taken instruction from a number of Canadian Artists such as Kiff Holland, Fred Schafer, David Langevin and participated in Federation of Canadian Artists workshops with Mike Svob, Robert Genn, and Stephen Quiller. I have been  an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for many years.


My most recent works have been primarily in oils and acrylic but I also work in watercolor and mixed media. All subject matter is considered and whenever a subject interests me I will pursue trying to create a work of art that will hopefully connect with the viewer as well. This may be a landscape, seascape, still life and even an abstract painting! Wherever the inspiration takes me!

My artists statment can be summarized as :


“I am inspired by images which connect with me in an emotional way and I try to create paintings which will elicit an emotional response from the viewer. My objective is to involve the viewer with the painting through the creation of a rememberance of a place, a time or a feeling. I like to use rich bright colors with strong contrasts to create mood and feeling.”


Hopefully my images will also connect with you...